6 Hours: Thrilling Red Dune Safari + Quad Bike

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Welcome to the thrilling Red Dune Desert Safari and Quad Bike experience—an adventure deep within the Arabian desert. This remarkable journey merges heart-pounding 4x4 Dune bashing with the exhilaration of riding quad bikes over majestic dunes. Expect unforgettable memories, captivating desert landscapes, and a dive into local culture. Safety and responsible tourism are paramount.

Our skilled team ensures your safety, taking necessary precautions. Following guidelines from tour operators is crucial to minimize risks and respect the delicate desert ecosystem. By doing so, we contribute to preserving this unique environment while enjoying the excitement of exploring the red dunes on safari and quad bikes.

For the ultimate desert safari Dubai encounter, choose a tour encompassing dune bashing, a sunset camel ride, an authentic Arabian feast, and a captivating belly dance performance. Your desert adventure awaits!

 So gear up, strap in, and prepare for an unforgettable journey that perfectly blends excitement, culture, and natural beauty.

Adult 349 AED | Child 320 AED 

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Tour Inclusions:

  • Location-based pick-up from your hotel in Dubai and Sharjah

  • Pick up By Land Cruiser 4x4 SUVs for the Adventure Camp and Safari

  • Driving by Camel Farms

  • Driving and dune bashing to reach the high dune (with photo stop)

  • 45 to 50 Minute of Dune Bashing With A Professional Driver With A Safari License

  • 30-minute Quad Bike Ride

  • Dune Bashing at Lahbab Desert ( Known as Red Dunes)

At the Camp:

  • An Arabic tea and coffee greeting is customary at the camp.

  • Fresh Fruits & Arabian Sweets

  • Smoking establishment Hubbly Bubbly's Shisha (Apple Taste) facility

  • Gratis Photographs of an Arabian Clothing

  • Camel Riding for FREE


  • NO COST Henna Art


  • Refreshments accompanied by unlimited water, tea, coffee, and soft drinks

  • World Dinner Buffet featuring a Grill (Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian dishes)

  • The Camp Belly Dancing Concert features a full light and sound show set to traditional Arabic music.


  • Tanoura Dancing Entertainment is captivating

  • Fire Show 

  • Belly Dance Show on traditional Arabic music

  • Drop back your Hotel - Location - Residence in Dubai & Sharjah

Thrilling Red Dune Safari

Embark on the Thrilling Red Dune Safari adventure with convenient pick-up, ensuring a seamless start. You'll receive pick-up details beforehand. Comfortable, air-conditioned off-road vehicles, equipped with safety features, await to tackle the desert's challenges, ensuring security and comfort.

In the heart of the desert, the exhilarating dune-bashing begins. Professional drivers navigate 4x4 vehicles at high speeds over towering dunes, providing an unmatched adrenaline rush. Expert drivers adhere to strict safety measures, ensuring an exciting and secure experience.

The adventure goes beyond adrenaline, allowing you to capture the desert's breathtaking beauty. Multiple photo stops let you capture stunning vistas. As the sun sets, the desert transforms, with warm skies against red dunes creating a magical backdrop. Take this opportunity to enhance your photography skills, guided by your expert.

The Thrilling Red Dune Safari is more than dune bashing—it's a blend of excitement, beauty, and connection with the captivating desert landscape. An unforgettable experience awaits.

Quad Bike Adventure

The Quad Bike Adventure offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the desert's stunning beauty while experiencing an adrenaline rush that is hard to match. Before setting off on this exhilarating journey, it is crucial to prioritize safety and ensure that all participants are well-equipped for the adventure ahead.

The experience begins with a comprehensive safety briefing, during which our professional instructors will provide the following:

  • Clear instructions on quad bike usage.

  • Covering essential aspects such as handling.

  • Throttle control.

  • Braking.

This ensures that even those who have never ridden a quad bike can feel confident and comfortable throughout the adventure. Additionally, all participants will be provided with essential safety equipment, including helmets and protective gear, to minimize the risk of injury and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Once familiar with the quad bike's operation and equipped with the necessary safety gear, the guided tour through the dunes commences. Led by an experienced guide, you will traverse the unique desert terrain, weaving through the towering red dunes and discovering hidden valleys and breathtaking vistas. Following the guide, you can safely navigate the challenging terrain while learning about the desert's ecosystem and ever-changing landscape.

After the guided tour, it's time for the real excitement: a free exploration of the dunes. This is your chance to test your newfound quad-biking skills as you independently explore the desert and experience the thrill of riding up and down the majestic dunes. Feel the breeze in your hair as well as the

 adrenaline coursing through your veins as you conquer the desert landscape on your powerful quad bike. These unforgettable moments will be etched in your memory, creating a lasting impression of your exhilarating desert adventure.

The Quad Bike Adventure offers a perfect balance of thrill, excitement, and exploration, allowing you to delve deep into the heart of the desert and experience its raw beauty in a truly unique and unforgettable way.

Cultural Experiences and Entertainment

The Thrilling Red Dune Safari and Quad Bike experience is not only about adrenaline-pumping adventures; it also offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich local culture and engage in authentic Arabian experiences. The cultural immersion begins when you arrive at a traditional Bedouin-style camp nestled among the dunes.

Upon arrival at the Camp, you will be greeted with a warm Arabian welcome, with refreshing beverages such as Arabic coffee, tea, and soft drinks. The hospitality continues as you explore the Camp, which features traditional seating arrangements with cushions and low tables, evoking the ambiance of a bygone era. This setting provides the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and unwinding after the day's thrilling desert adventures.

One of the cultural experience highlights is the opportunity to enjoy short camel rides within the Camp's vicinity. These gentle giants have long been an integral part of Bedouin culture, serving as both a mode of transportation and a source of sustenance. As you embark on a leisurely camel ride, capture the moment with photos that will serve as treasured mementos of your desert adventure. During this experience, you will learn about the crucial role camels have played in the lives of the Bedouin people and their significance in Arabian culture.

As the evening progresses, the Camp comes alive with various live performances that showcase the region's rich cultural heritage. Traditional dance and music shows will captivate you with enchanting rhythms and melodies, transporting you to a world of Arabian folklore and history. The entertainment lineup also includes mesmerizing fire and Tanoura dance performances featuring skilled artists who will leave you in awe with their incredible talent and breathtaking displays of agility and precision.

The cultural experiences and entertainment at the Bedouin-style Camp serve as the perfect conclusion to your thrilling desert adventure. They allow you to connect with the region's history and traditions, creating a deeper understanding of the Arabian way of life and leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Dining Experience

The dining experience at the Bedouin-style Camp is a feast for the senses, allowing you to indulge in an array of mouthwatering traditional Arabian dishes. A sumptuous Arabic buffet dinner awaits you, with a wide selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options catering to diverse palates. The buffet features hummus, tabbouleh, and fattoush alongside succulent grilled meats like shish tawook and lamb kebabs, ensuring a memorable culinary experience showcasing the rich flavors of Arabian cuisine.

Adding to the dining experience is the live barbecue station, where you can watch skilled chefs prepare local grilled specialties right before your eyes. The barbecued meats' enticing aroma and the grill sizzle will tantalize your taste buds, making the experience even more immersive and enjoyable. Take the chance to taste the delectable grilled dishes prepared with traditional spices and marinades to create a true taste of Arabia.

Finally, the dining experience would only be complete with indulging in traditional Arabic sweets and refreshing beverages. Savor the delicate flavors of baklava, kunafa, and Umm Ali, which provide the perfect conclusion to your meal. Accompany your dessert with a steaming cup of Arabic coffee or tea or a soft drink to quench your thirst. The combination of mouthwatering dishes, tantalizing desserts, and refreshing beverages ensures that the dining experience at the Bedouin-style Camp is one that you will cherish, leaving you with a true appreciation of the region's culinary heritage.


The Thrilling Red Dune Safari and Quad Bike experience is an adventure that creates a lasting impression, offering a unique blend of adrenaline-pumping excitement, breathtaking natural beauty, and fascinating cultural immersion. As you reflect on the memorable moments and takeaways from this unforgettable journey, you are reminded of the importance of preserving the fragile desert ecosystems that serve as the backdrop for your adventures. By participating in responsible tourism practices and adhering to the guidelines provided by the tour operators, you contribute to the conservation of these awe-inspiring landscapes for future generations to enjoy.

The enchanting desert landscapes, the thrill of dune bashing, the excitement of quad biking, the rich cultural experiences, and the delectable dining options all combine to create an experience you will treasure for years to come. Sharing this extraordinary adventure with friends and family fosters a deeper connection with your loved ones and inspires them to embark on their own journeys of exploration and discovery.

As you reminisce about your thrilling desert escapade, we encourage you to share your experiences, stories, and photographs with those around you. By doing so, you become an ambassador for responsible tourism and an advocate for conserving these unique environments. Your memories of the Thrilling Red Dune Safari and Quad Bike experience will serve as a testament to the wonders of the Arabian desert, inspiring others to embark on their adventures and fostering a greater appreciation for the world's natural beauty and cultural diversity. Reach out for Dubai desert tours and Arabian adventures.

Tour Timing
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6 Hours Hotel , Home , Apartment Daily English , Arabic , Hindi
  1. Dune Buggy Drive 30 Minutes
  2. Food On Table
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I've been on a lot of desert safaris in my time, but this one was by far the most thrilling. The red dunes were absolutely stunning, and the quad bikes were a blast to ride. The staff was friendly and accommodating, and the entire experience was well-organized. If you're looking for an adventure, this is definitely the excursion for you.

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Feel the Rush of the Desert Wind as You Explore the Red Dunes on a Quad Bike Safari!

I cannot recommend this tour enough! The Red Dunes Desert Safari with Quad Bikes was the highlight of our trip to Dubai. The guides were incredibly knowledgeable and made us feel safe and comfortable the entire time. Riding the quad bikes through the sand dunes was such an adrenaline rush - we loved every minute of it!

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Experience the Ultimate Thrill with Red Dunes Desert Safari and Quad Biking Expedition!

The Red Dunes Desert Safari with Quad Bikes was an amazing experience! The quad bikes were easy to operate and we were able to race up and down the sand dunes with ease. The sunset over the desert was breathtaking, and we enjoyed the traditional Arabic dinner and entertainment. This tour is a must-do when in Dubai!

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This was an incredible experience that I will never forget. The Red Dunes Desert Safari with Quad Bikes was thrilling from start to finish. The staff was friendly and informative, and the quad bikes were a blast to ride. Watching the sunset over the sand dunes was truly magical. Highly recommended!

Apr 17, 2023
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I can't say enough good things about this tour. The Red Dunes Desert Safari with Quad Bikes was so much fun! The guides were knowledgeable and made us feel safe at all times. The quad bikes were easy to operate and we had a blast racing through the sand dunes. The dinner and entertainment at the desert camp were also fantastic.

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Explore the Stunning Red Dunes Desert on an Unforgettable Quad Bike Adventure!

If you're looking for a thrilling adventure in Dubai, the Red Dunes Desert Safari with Quad Bikes is a must-do! The guides were friendly and knowledgeable, and the quad bikes were so much fun to ride. The sunset over the sand dunes was absolutely stunning, and the traditional Arabic dinner and entertainment were top-notch.

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